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The teachers

The teachers you will meet during the training represent a colorful palette of different experiences and approaches to this kind of work. Below you can read a short presentation about each teacher and you will also find more information on their webpages. Beside being skillful and with experience in their own fields they are also parents, entrepreneurs, partners, lovers and seekers on their own journey.

The teachers are:
Charlotte and Alexander Rudenstam,
lives in Sweden
Lorenzo Stiernquist, lives in Sweden
Johan Ekenberg, lives in Sweden
Jennie and Calle Rehbinder, lives in Sweden
Ylva Franzen, lives in Sweden
Barbara Carellas, lives in USA
Pia Struck, lives in Denmark
lives in France
Diana Diakova and Martin Heese, lives in Denmark
Ruby May, lives in Germany
Sara Brorsen Skaarup, lives in Denmark
Ingrid Frideborgsdotter, lives in Sweden
Lars Maria Norén, lives in Sweden

Charlotte and Alexander Rudenstam

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This couple will form the common thread throughout the training, and be present during all modules. They will ensure that implementation of the training for the group and each of its members will be positive and enriching. Charlotte and Alexander Rudenstam are sexsibilitycoaches and body therapists with years of experience in working with people, sexuality, relationships and communication. They want to help you live to your full potential, using your entire life force, which makes it important to have access to your own sexuality. A major barrier for many is feelings of shame, and work on breaking the shame barrier is one of their specialties. Who could you be without your shame? How free would you be? They lead workshops, give lectures, sessions and writes about sexuality, shame and relationships. Alexander is also an artist; you can find his work on Charlotte has written several books, including "No shame in your body - free your sexual power." They are married since 10 years, are in their 50´s and have 5 adult children.
More information is available at:

Lorenzo Stiernquist

is the founder of the Sexsibilitycoach training and will ensure that this training is linked organically. Through theory and practical exercises he will teach about Sexsibility-coaching and how each person (with different conditions) can work with people on sexuality, intimacy and spirituality. Lorenzo will be on several modules but most have focused on the participants' work between the modules. "The journey that I have been on (and am still on) is to dare to be more present and able to experience sex and intimacy on a deeper level, which has been a long journey. I'm eager to share my experiences and the teachers who helped me on that journey. " Lorenzo is a Sexsibility coach, tantra teacher, and gives private sessions and classes for singles and couples. He is 49 years old, has two grown children and lives in Ekerö outside Stockholm.
More information is available at:

Johan Ekenberg

has held classes and lectures in personal development and sexuality for over 15 years and is highly respected on the subject. He is an author and is often interviewed in newspapers, radio and television (such as one of The Sexinspectors on TV4). He is particularly interested in the spiritual aspect of sexuality and his primary inspiration is the Taoist philosophy, and many years of body-oriented therapy. With his group/process "Sex - a highway to God" he has helped a lot of people (using movement, sound and breathing), to find their way into the deeper experiences of their sexuality. He focuses more on possibilities than problems and has a liberating, easy-going simplicity in his way of leading people to deep transformational experiences.
More information is available at:

Jennie and Calle Rehbinder
hold groups/courses together for couples and singles on sex, love and relationships. They both work in artistic expression of eroticism in art and in writing. Calle is an experienced teacher on topics related to personal development, expression and process such as theater improvisation, shamanism and sex. He has written extensively on sexuality, eroticism and relationships in various journals, and is an active debater in sexual matters. Calle is also the creator and editor of the website Cirkus Eros. Jennie has studied gender studies, is an active debater in sexual matters, has studied with erotic educationalist Ylva Franzen, and has also worked in Ylva shop "Aphrodite's Pharmacy" in which she constantly faced questions from both men and women about sexuality and pleasure.
More information is available at:

Ylva Franzen

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is the author of “Orgasmera mera” (Orgasm more) and is a highly regarded educator, public speaker, author and coach in erotic pleasure. She is frequently consulted by the press, TV, radio, schools and universities. She has extensive academic training and has as such worked as a public higher education institutions and secondary teachers in sex and relationships. Many professional psychologists, doctors, health workers and sexologists have been able to share her knowledge, but it is above all "ordinary" people Ylva wants to reach.
Ylva Franzén has as her main sources of inspiration Taoist and Tantric love philosophy, liberation pedagogy, new American sex therapy, modern brain research, methods in sports psychology and nutrition. Her cult book "Orgasmera mera" has been translated into Danish, Finnish and Polish. Ylva Franzén lives both in Stockholm where she has the Aphrodite store pharmacies and at The Venus farm in Skåne.
More information is available at:

Barbara Carrellas

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from the United States is a teacher, writer, performance artist, and pioneer of liberated sexuality. She has held countless support groups for men, women and transsexuals with HIV / AIDS. She was part of the start of "Erotic Awakening," which is a series of workshops focusing on sexual healing and has toured the United States. She has worked closely with the pioneer Annie Sprinkle and they've created movies, TV shows, held classes and done shows together. In the book "Urban Tantra - Sacred Sex for the Twenty-First Century," she presents a sexuality based on Tantra, but adapted to modern society and ways of living. Everyone can, regardless of sexual preferences, learn her skills and increase their capacity for physical pleasure and spiritual well-being. According to TimeOut / New York magazine her workshop "Urban Tantra" is the best course in the area. Barbara Carrellas lives in New York with her partner Kate Bornstein whom she also appears / teaches with.
More information is available at:

Pia Struck

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from Denmark has more than 20 years of experience as a sex therapist, orgasm coach, speaker and trainer. She has done a four year Body and psychotherapeutic training at the "Institute for Creative Psychotherapy." Pia Struck was trained by Betty Dodson from the United States. She is one of only a few who work in her practice in Europe, including orgasm and masturbation courses and has helped both women and men to become multi-orgasmic. She guides people to come into contact with a creative sexuality in which one feels a sense of abundant energy in one’s life. In a safe environment the participants gets the opportunity to build sexual self-confidence and reach their full sexual potential.
For more information visit her website:

Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita

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is a world renowned Tantra master and mystic offering courses and retreats across the globe.
Having received a direct transmission from Osho, she is true to the spiritual essence of Tantra and leads us on the path to self-realisation.
At the same time, she takes care to help us transcend the psychological blockages that we carry as a result of our cultural background and past experiences. She is also a master healer, author and consultant.
After a childhood where her sensitivity to subtle energies was already developing, she became a seeker of truth as a teenager – hitchhiking across the globe aged 17 and encountering Osho in Mumbai, India. She spent many years in Osho’s community, working through a process of profound personal transformation with direct support and guidance from him.
She learned and then taught Holistic Healing in various parts of the world, eventually expanding to teach Tantra with Geho, her partner at the time. She developed courses for individuals, a 7 level training for lovers and founded the ‘School of Awakening’ which has transformed the lives of thousands of people.
Now teaching alone or with a co-teacher, she offers a Tantra transmission in workshops and retreats promoted by individuals and organisations across the world.
More information is available at:

Diana Diakova and Martin Heese

live in Denmark and are tantra teachers which includes working with tantra massage. They have extensive experience in teaching and giving tantra massage to men, women and couples. They sometimes work together and give a 4-hand massage with a focus on pain relief, relaxation and well-being. During this training , they will share their experiences with Tantra massage. Martin and Diana also runs Centre C.H.A.I. (Copenhagen Heart Awakening Institute) in Copenhagen. In C.H.A.I. they arrange many different events related to Tantra. Examples of nights at C.H.A.I. are "Melting Monday Solo" where both singles and couples can come together in loving and heart-opening atmosphere and Tantra Thursdays "Melting for Lovers" where couples can come and nurture their relationship.
More information is available at:

Ruby May

Ruby May, a self-described ‘sexpansionist’ combines her passion for sexuality, spirituality, kink and healing in her work as a Conscious Kink practitioner. Based in Berlin, although British by birth, Ruby gives sessions and workshops teaching the importance of pleasure and play and honouring our right to sexual expression. Exploring the potential in Conscious Kink for personal growth and transformation and as a tool for examining our relationship to themes such as shame, power, pleasure and pain, she strives to inspire people to create more authenticity, intimacy and joy in their lives.,

Sara Brorsen Skaarup


Sara is a writer, journalist and sexologist. She has written the book "Kærlighedskontrakten – åbenhed og troskab i parforholdet" (Lovecontract - openness and fidelity in a relationship). She has also been involved in the launch of Denmarks first love operation - called Dynamic relationships - where couples get help to develop their relations in new ways. Where they use lovecontracts and where the traditional sexual monopoly sometimes is abandoned. Sara also teaches students at Sexologyschool and Psychology and love at Krogrup Folk High School.

Ingrid Frideborgdotter

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Sexibility coach, Tao masseuse and Qigong Teacher. She is highly regarded for her workshops during the festival of Sexsibility and Sexsibilitynights in Stockholm. In the training, she will participate in the module on Taoist sexuality and share practical exercises.
Ingrid gives Viva Vagina! treatments designed to defuse tensions and blockages in the abdomen, releasing energy and flow of life in the pelvis and whole body. So you get more access to your desires and become free to embrace your sexuality fully.
More information is available at:

Lars Maria Norén

is a Sexsibility coach, Qigong Instructor, breathing teacher and has among other things, various courses and workshops in conjunction with other Sexsibility coaches. On education, he will participate in the module on Taoist sexuality and lead the wonderful lecture "Fun without spurt" on male sexuality and how to have sex without coming. "As a Sexsibility coach my starting point is the conviction that you, the client has all the answers needed. Your body is wise and your heart knows what to do. My role in your growing, healing and development is in the loving presence to open up a "room" that is so safe that you can be insecure in it and begin to face what needs to be dealt with. To begin to do what you can - what is possible - and start living life more vividly, honestly and present. "

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